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Fall Colors

Fall has such vibrant colors, for the short time the leaves and berries last.  We had high winds yesterday so most of the leaves here are gone.  I did mange to get photos  of some for the short time they were on the trees.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.

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Saskatchewan Cowboy Dressage.

I have taken photos at Saskatchewan Cowboy Dressage events and will be taking more at their Canadian Nationals event in September.  The photos can be viewed and ordered from the following website.


The Saskatchewan Cowboy Dressage is on Facebook and their webpage is http://skcowboydressage.com/




Address change

Please note the e-mail address for Prairie Wind Photography has changed. It is now –



Greeting cards and signs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And it is true. I started creating custom greeting cards a while ago. Probably due to need. I needed a card urgently and no stores close. Then it became fun. I could create a card custom-made to the person I was giving it to. For years I have created the Christmas card we send out. People tell me they look forward to a new one each year and keep them. A friend asked for a birthday card with a photo of her husband as a little boy for his mother. A shower card for a daughter from the mother with photos of them together. A card for the mother of the bride. No one thinks of the emotions a mother of the bride goes through the day her daughter gets married. The birthday of an accomplished team roper. These are cards not available in stores. Signs are another that can be custom-made to the person or the occasion. A photo can be used for many things. I hope you enjoy viewing some of the card faces I have created. Now with e-mail instead of having a two fold card with writing inside, the writing is just placed below or beside the photo. Some pretty awesome keepsakes can be created with photos and imagination!  I won’t be putting Hallmark out of business – all can be seen in The Gallery under Greeting cards and signs

Queen City Ex

Earlier this month, the exhibition/fair was in Regina. My friend, PM and I spent a great afternoon walking the midway and riding the ferris wheel. Of course we had to sample some of the food. Somehow it never tastes as good as it smells!!  Here is just a sampling of some of the sights we saw.

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Crocuses 2014

After our long cold winter,  it was delightful to see these brave little flowers poke out of the ground.  They didn’t have an easy time of it.  Spring appeared to have arrive then it snowed, then it rained. But soon the  ground was covered with purple flowers heralding the arrival of nice weather.

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Walking with Dinosaurs

In September of 2013 I visited the Calgary Zoo.  It was awesome even though it was only have open.  The summer flood really took it toll on the zoo.  There were signs posted indicating how high the flood water reached.  It was unbelievable.  Also unbelievable was the work that already had been done to repair the damage.  I walked through the prehistoric part and was impressed at how real everything looked.  A small boy and this Dad were just ahead of me and it was very entertaining just watching him.  To him they were real.  What do you think?

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Black is the Color

I’ve seen several photographers use “black” as a background color and really liked the effect.  I decided to try it for myself and was pleased with the look.  On Black in the Gallery is some of my work.  I will be adding to the collection so be sure to visit it often.

IMG_7651  Ninja b


I attended a photo session where the guest speaker shared some techniques.  It is amazing how a few very simple steps can change a plain photo into something “out of this world”

I’ve added the ones I’ve created to the “Creative” gallery.  Have a look and see what you think.  One of them started out as a picture of my paint gelding Quill.  Can you figure out which one it is?

IMG_8159 copyW.

Flower Gardens

Just outside the town of Indian Head SK, is the PFRA.  Soon to be closed due to government cutbacks.  For now it is a wonderful place to visit.  There is a nature trail to walk and an informal flower garden.  And wonderful tall majestic trees.  One morning The Boys and I visited the flowers.  The mosquitoes were to large and hungry to walk down the nature trail.  Check out Flowers  in the Gallery and see some of what we saw that morning.

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