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The Glenbow Museum

Museums are great places to visit.  You can learn a lot of interesting facts from visiting them.  They can provide a nice haven on a cold winter day.  I’m going to take you on a short trip thru the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, AB.    These photos provide only a small snapshot of what you can see.  And, they are only of things I’ve found interesting.  If you visit – you may see totally different aspects to record.  I know one of my friends will find the photos very interesting.  He has gone on other “Photo Armchair Tours” with me.  S0 — Payton, let’s visit the Glenbow!

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Creative Play

I’ve added a new page.  It contains photos that had been altered in a software program. Please have a look at the Creative page, you will meet some of my friends.  Cash and Tango aka The Boys,  accompany me on a lot of my adventures.  Your comments are always welcome!

The Boys on a walk


Where is the Sun?

We’ve had cold weather, we’ve had snow, we’ve had wind.  Now this morning we have fog.  As thick as soup.  With fog comes frost and sometime some great photos.  I was out this morning with the camera.  Check out the Gallery – A frost morning  and see a bit of what I saw.



Could be …..

Could this be a sign of Spring?  Or wishful thinking?

IMG_2543 icycle

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Snow and more snow

I realize we aren’t getting near the amount of snow they are getting in Eastern Canada and the US.  If you ask anyone here they’d say we have way to much.  Unless you are a child, sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the snow.  However, I did manage to capture someone who does love the snow ……………………..

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Tango Fun in the snow


Feathered Friends

I have two feeders on trees just outside my kitchen window. For most of the day there is a lot of activity around them. Watching the antics of the birds, mostly Red Polls (part of the Finch family) makes doing the dishes more enjoyable. A Downy woodpecker drops by once in awhile also. I’ve posted a few photos of the visitors in The Gallery –  “From My Kitchen Window”.


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Trip to Calgary AB

In mid December I went to Calgary for a few days. I’ve finally edited the photos and was very please with them.  As I took quite a few, I will be add to and taking from the one you see today. That means you will need to visit again.  More images may be found in The Gallery – Calgary AB Dec. 15-17th.