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Update on last post

Thought it was to good to be true.  Apparently to follow the link in the last post you need a google account to view it.  I left the post on for those of you who already have accounts.  I apologize to those of you who don’t.

Please contact me at     Prairiewindphotography3@gmail.com    if you are having trouble with any of my posts or you just wish to say hi.


Monday’s work

I was working on another project and found these photos in Google Photos and thought I’d see if I could share them here.  When the photo appears you view the rest by clicking on the arrows on the right and left.  These shots are from 2015.  Enjoy.

Monday’s work



Survival of the Fittest

I am truly grateful to be living where I live.  There are so many photography opportunities.  At the present there is a family of foxes living close by again.  I am able to have a trail camera close to them and am getting some amazing photos.  The kits have just begun to come out of the den.  Below are a few for now.  Look forward to more!  Click on the thumbnail photo and then arrow thru the collection.




Moose on a Mission

  • The Boy and I usually go for walks in the morning, if it is nice out.  This particular morning I really didn’t feel like going, knew I was just being lazy, so garbed the camera and off we went.  We were just meandering in the pasture.  Surroundings were pretty quiet.  I stopped to take some shots of a thorn bush, the boy was off exploring.  Something caught my eye and I looked over into the field and saw something moving.  Looked again and it was a moose.  Called the Boy over and leased him and moved a bit closer and started taking photos.  Took awhile for the Boy to see the moose and then I was holding him while taking shots.  The  moose stopped, saw us and didn’t seem to be upset.  Continued on his way up the hill towards the yard site which is the other side of the poplars in the photos.  He stopped on the hill and must have seen the horses as he stood for awhile.  As soon as they saw him he turned and ran back towards us.  He saw us and the Boy saw him and he turned away from us.  Turned out to be a good day for a while with the Boy and a camera.  Enjoy.



Crocuses 2019

It is amazing how fast these pretty little purple flowers appear.  The Boy (last picture) and I have been hunting them for about a week.  We found two, two days ago.  Missed going to our favorite hunting spot yesterday and went down today and were greet with lots of happy faces turned to greet the sun.  I hope you enjoy what we discovered.  By clicking on the thumbnail, the images with enlarge and you can then move thru the gallery.  Enjoy.


April on Instagram

Here are some of my April posts on Instagram.  Check back often as I have more lined up to post.  Follow me on Instagram and see them there first.  A like is always appreciated.

Team on black

Awhile ago I posted this photo on Instagram.

IMG_5174 border.jpg

The owners of the team happen to follow my Instagram account and contacted me to commission a print to be printed on canvas sized to 24″ by 26″.  It is difficult to turn a square into a rectangle so I reworked print and came up with this creation.

Banga Team.jpg

They were pleased with the new picture and sent me a picture of the picture on their living room wall.  It did look nice.