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Young bucks

This season of photo opportunies has been pretty well nixed.  Everything cancelled.  Spring in the country can provide lots of photography but sometimes Mother Nature is slow in providing them.  Around where I live we’ve had a lot of wind and it’s been cold.  The crocuses finally covered the hills, now the lilacs are blooming here. My trail camera managed to pull up some of the slack and recorded shots I never would have been able to capture.  However, the animals have been slow in returning also.

I hope you enjoy theses shots of two young bucks, my assistant the trail camera was able to catch.  Hopefully we see more of them.


2020 is here

2020 will be here tomorrow.  By now the 2020 calendars that were given as gifts will be waiting to be hung and the 2019 calendars will be put away.  The collection of photos for the 2021 calendar has begun.  If anyone is interested in purchasing a 2021 calendar – $20.00 each, please contact me.  Prairiewindphotography3@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my site in 2019 and I hope you return in 2020.  Here for you viewing pleasure are the photos used for the new year’s calendar.  You can see more of my photos on Instagram — Wilma Olmsted (Will.1157).

Click on the photo to enlarge, then click to move thru the collection

Moose on a Mission

  • The Boy and I usually go for walks in the morning, if it is nice out.  This particular morning I really didn’t feel like going, knew I was just being lazy, so garbed the camera and off we went.  We were just meandering in the pasture.  Surroundings were pretty quiet.  I stopped to take some shots of a thorn bush, the boy was off exploring.  Something caught my eye and I looked over into the field and saw something moving.  Looked again and it was a moose.  Called the Boy over and leased him and moved a bit closer and started taking photos.  Took awhile for the Boy to see the moose and then I was holding him while taking shots.  The  moose stopped, saw us and didn’t seem to be upset.  Continued on his way up the hill towards the yard site which is the other side of the poplars in the photos.  He stopped on the hill and must have seen the horses as he stood for awhile.  As soon as they saw him he turned and ran back towards us.  He saw us and the Boy saw him and he turned away from us.  Turned out to be a good day for a while with the Boy and a camera.  Enjoy.



Back for another year

For several years, we have had a Red Fox move in under the steel bins across the road from our home.  It appears once again we have one in residence.  As the Red Fox has a life span of about 5 years, I am assuming the one we have now and maybe last year, is an off spring of the original one we saw.  This shots were captured with my Browning Trail camera.  Hopefully I will be able to show you some of this years kits.


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