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Hidden Gem

I went on a road trip with a fellow photographer. We were driving along a well traveled secondary road and she said there is a little church just ahead. When I looked all I could see was trees and then I saw a gate and a church behind it. I wonder how many people drive by and don’t even realize there is a church there. Here is Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

PWP Week of August 30 2020

For the last week of August, I have a variety of shots to share.  Rodeo, the Eiffel tower, (no we didn’t go to France), creativity and a beautiful cross.  Some of the shots were taken with my fish-eye lens. I will be posting more of the rodeo shots to the Western Images page. The Assistant the trial camera caught some good shots of our wildlife.  And there is a bit of creativity.  This post will be the last of the PWP Weekly posts.  If I come across something of photo worthy I will share. Thank you for visiting each week and for your comments.  Check back often as there will be new images added to the pages in the Gallery.  The Boy and I have truly enjoyed sharing our world with you.


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