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Brand new

Where I live, Saskatchewan, we have been having wonderful mild weather. For this time of year. Last week we had a good old fashion storm. Haven’t seen one like this for a long time. High winds, blowing snow, power outages. When morning came it was a brand new world, covered in snow, creating a winter wonderland. Mild tempetures still holding enabling The Boy and I to get out and explore. Here is some of what we saw.

2014 A New Year

Although the month is almost over — Happy New Year.  Up to now it has been quite a challenging month.  Cold, snow and wind.  As I write this we are experiencing wind gusting up to 80km.  Not a day for a kite!  However, if you can find a spot out of the wind, it isn’t to bad a day.  Our horses have done that and I was able to take a few shots of them enjoying the day.  Later we fed them in the same spot.  You can see the snow blowing in some of the photos and the seem to be ever-present these day – the Sun Dogs!!!!!

I’m hoping to be posting more photos this year.  In 2013 I was at a kite festival; went to the Big Muddy in Southwest Saskatchewan; took a road trip thru the US to Seattle and up the west coast then home.  Plus interesting things that caught my attention around home.  So, check back often.

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Snow and more snow

I realize we aren’t getting near the amount of snow they are getting in Eastern Canada and the US.  If you ask anyone here they’d say we have way to much.  Unless you are a child, sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the snow.  However, I did manage to capture someone who does love the snow ……………………..

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Tango Fun in the snow


Feathered Friends

I have two feeders on trees just outside my kitchen window. For most of the day there is a lot of activity around them. Watching the antics of the birds, mostly Red Polls (part of the Finch family) makes doing the dishes more enjoyable. A Downy woodpecker drops by once in awhile also. I’ve posted a few photos of the visitors in The Gallery –  “From My Kitchen Window”.


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Seeing the Month Out

It’s been a fridgid last few days.  Hard on human and animals.  Our animals has there feed increase and didn’t seem to mind the cold.  They can always get out of the wind.  Here is a shot of my little Arabian.  I think he was wishing he was in the land of sand and sun, as God meant him to be.  Not standing in a cold pasture in the middle of Saskatchewan.  Better days ahead Ninja!

Nijna straigithedn ornish

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