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PWP week of Apr 9 – Apr 15 23

Feast or famine that’s the way it goes. This week there was numerous photo opportunities. Easter — Megs had a visit from her friend Candy Floss. Always a pleasure when friends drop in. Mother Nature tried to trick us into believing it was Christmas by showering us with a lot of wet white snow. The horses weren’t impressed. I don’t think anyone was. Thanks to social media I’m able to view other photographer’s work. The ones I really admire are the ones that visit animal shelter and provide photos to increase adoption. I could never do this. I’d end up bringing all the pets home and if not that, do a lot of crying. Those eyes would haunt me forever. So I’ve decided to practice my craft another way. I’m told I have more stuffed animals than most children so I’m going to put them to use. You may have met a few of my plush friends in previous posts. I’m going to stage them as I would an actual pet. It will be good practice for when I met a real model and it will be fun. In this post you will meet Rugs the golden lab puppy. Gus the hound and Fritz the poodle. Along with the real thing – Josie and Chase. I”ve been most fortunate in acquiring the book Dogtography by Kaylee Greer. It is wonderful. Hopefully I will be able to improve my skills some. The little squirrel was back for a short while. Lots to see this week. Hope you enjoy the shots.

For those of you who follow my posts, I try and have the content posted by 9:00 (CST) Sunday AM. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery.


PWP week of Mar 5 – Mar 11 23

The end of this week we had a good old blizzard. Was pretty intense for a while. The pups and I ventured out when there was a a bit of a break and visited the horses. Jazz’s ears where outlined in white. Up until yesterday the deer in our area were finding it difficult to get down to the grass due to the hardened snow. Now there is more snow to contended with on the hardened surface. One evening we had a herd of mule deer come to the yard. They migrated to the area we feed the horses. And more wildlife came to the yard this week. There seems to be an abundance of prairie chicken this year. Later in the day the flock I took pictures of went right through the yard. I never know what my camera with catch on any given day.  For those of you who follow my posts, I try and have the content posted by 9:00 (CST) Sunday AM. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery. Enjoy!

Western Images Page

It’s done.  I created a Western Images page.  To this page I will add photos from rodeos, barrel racing and other photos that reflect the name of the page.  When photos are added I will post here and say what event they were taken at.  The photos just added were taken at the Top Line Rodeo, held July 18 & 19 2020 at Clearview Arena.  This was the first rodeo in the Qu’Appelle Valley Open Rodeo Series 2020.  I hope you enjoy this new page. You can find it listed under Gallery.  Comment s are welcome.



PWP Week of July 26 2020

Happy August 1.  Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends.  And a good friend is celebrating a birthday.  Birthday wishes coming your way.

This week’s collection is mixture of images.  There was no travelling, spent some time in Studio 13.  Practicing with my Lensbaby Composer.  Our flowers are starting to bloom so I have lots to practice on.   I’ve included a few barrel racing and rodeo ones taken the weekend of July 18.  The one of the steer wrestle did quite well on Instagram. My assistant the Trail Camera caught an encounter between the resident fox and our visiting raccoon.

I’m thinking of creating a “Western Images” page of rodeo, barrel racing, western accessories and horses.  And a “Treasures and Keepsake” page.  I’ve included a few of these shots in this week’s collection.

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PWP Week of July 19 2020

Another week in the book.  It was a hot humid one here.  The Boy and I spent a lot of time in the house.  Sunday wasn’t too bad, which was a good thing as I spent a few more hours photographing the rodeo slack.  Lots of pictures of cowgirls and cowboys riding gorgeous horses.  The trail camera did an awesome job of capturing our deer and the foxes that share space with us.  I did manage to get pictures myself of a doe and later two fawns.  Due to the high temperatures we spent some time creating in Studio 13.  I hope you enjoy this week’s photos.  We had fun taking them and editing them.  Till next week!


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PWP Week of July 12 2020

This week marks the half way point of July.  Summer is going by really fast.  Most days the weather doesn’t realize it’s summer.  Nights and mornings are pretty cool.  The Boy and I went on a rode trip and broadened our horizons and add new content. Found some more wall murals in a small town.  These are pretty old but I think they are still wonderful. My assistant the trail camera took some wonderful shots of three whitetail does.  I’ve included quite a few of them as there are so beautiful.  Such big eyes. The first rodeo since Convid9 appeared happened this weekend.  I went and photographed some of the slack Saturday AM.  It was a night rodeo so that makes it a no go for me. I’ve included a few from the day.  Nice horses.  Good riders.   Hope you enjoy this weeks collection.

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PWP Week of June 21, 2020

Happy Sunday!  My week went fast, how was yours.  This week we have some action shots.  Flying ducks and bees; running coyote and deer.  My assistant the Trail camera caught some great ones of the deer that live in our pasture.  We are pretty dry here and a caught Quill having a dust bath.  Think he was trying to impress the ladies.  One evening we had an unwanted guest on our front lawn.  This shot was taken thru the window as I wasn’t going outside. Went on a road trip but the only shots I have from it are the ones of the mule deer doe in action.  The driver didn’t see the photo opportunities I did and wasn’t inclined to stop.  I counted about ten shots that would have fit in here.  Oh well. Hope you enjoy these.  I’m hoping to spend some time in Studio 13 being creative this week.

Come back next week and see what manifested.


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PWP Week of June 7 2020

Not much photography wise is happening as of yet.  No events, concerts, horses chasing barrels.  I’ve pretty much been staying close to home.  However, the camera isn’t gathering dust.  It comes with us when The Boy and I go for walks or drives.  I’ve decided to do a week by week pictorial story of our adventures.  Each day brings something new.  If it doesn’t there is still the usual – horses, flowers, birds.  Please join me as we travel thru the week of June 7.  Today starts a new pictorial log.  I hope you come back next week to find out what we saw.


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2020 Sleigh Ride

New Years Day I spent out in the fresh air, not at a table loaded with food.  That came later, two hours later.  Friends gathered for a sleigh ride.  Five teams loaded with people with plastic vehicles being pulled behind.  I thought they were for the little people in the group but throughout the ride I saw a number of big people enjoying the fun.  Once we were back in the yard, everyone gathered in the house for stories, laughter and a super potluck supper.  If you went home hungry, that was your own fault.  New Years Day 2020 saw a lot of people going home fun, happy and probably a bit tired.  Please enjoy the photos from the day.  The last three photos were taken from inside the caboose. Sorry there is no potluck supper at the conclusion!

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Canadian Western Agribition 2019

After a couple years of not attending, I went to the Canadian Western Agribition to photography the horse pulls.  These gentle giants put on a good show.  The weight divisions were light weight, middle weight and heavy weight.  I am posting a sampling of the shots I took.  If you are interest in seeing more visit the gallery on the club’s website.  Qu’Appelle Valley Horse Pull Club

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Historical Bell Barn

The historical round Bell Barn in Indian Head SK has many functions during the year.  I attended the Horse Fair this year.  The day was perfect and there was lots to see and learn.  Here is some of what I saw.  As it is a yearly event, I plan to attend next year.  Maybe I will see you there!

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High School Rodeo

Yesterday I attended my first high school rodeo.  Such eager and dedicated young people.  And gorgeous horses.  I could have brought a trailer load home.  It was horribly cold out, Mother Nature was blowing out of the Northwest straight into the bleachers.  The photos you are about to see are the juniors.  I was too frozen to stay for the seniors.   By the time the juniors were finished I couldn’t tell the difference between camera shake and body shake.  Hope you enjoy the action.


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Monday’s work

I was working on another project and found these photos in Google Photos and thought I’d see if I could share them here.  When the photo appears you view the rest by clicking on the arrows on the right and left.  These shots are from 2015.  Enjoy.

Monday’s work



2014 A New Year

Although the month is almost over — Happy New Year.  Up to now it has been quite a challenging month.  Cold, snow and wind.  As I write this we are experiencing wind gusting up to 80km.  Not a day for a kite!  However, if you can find a spot out of the wind, it isn’t to bad a day.  Our horses have done that and I was able to take a few shots of them enjoying the day.  Later we fed them in the same spot.  You can see the snow blowing in some of the photos and the seem to be ever-present these day – the Sun Dogs!!!!!

I’m hoping to be posting more photos this year.  In 2013 I was at a kite festival; went to the Big Muddy in Southwest Saskatchewan; took a road trip thru the US to Seattle and up the west coast then home.  Plus interesting things that caught my attention around home.  So, check back often.

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Creative Play

I’ve added a new page.  It contains photos that had been altered in a software program. Please have a look at the Creative page, you will meet some of my friends.  Cash and Tango aka The Boys,  accompany me on a lot of my adventures.  Your comments are always welcome!

The Boys on a walk


Where is the Sun?

We’ve had cold weather, we’ve had snow, we’ve had wind.  Now this morning we have fog.  As thick as soup.  With fog comes frost and sometime some great photos.  I was out this morning with the camera.  Check out the Gallery – A frost morning  and see a bit of what I saw.



Seeing the Month Out

It’s been a fridgid last few days.  Hard on human and animals.  Our animals has there feed increase and didn’t seem to mind the cold.  They can always get out of the wind.  Here is a shot of my little Arabian.  I think he was wishing he was in the land of sand and sun, as God meant him to be.  Not standing in a cold pasture in the middle of Saskatchewan.  Better days ahead Ninja!

Nijna straigithedn ornish

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