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Walking with Dinosaurs

In September of 2013 I visited the Calgary Zoo.  It was awesome even though it was only have open.  The summer flood really took it toll on the zoo.  There were signs posted indicating how high the flood water reached.  It was unbelievable.  Also unbelievable was the work that already had been done to repair the damage.  I walked through the prehistoric part and was impressed at how real everything looked.  A small boy and this Dad were just ahead of me and it was very entertaining just watching him.  To him they were real.  What do you think?

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Home page slide show

Every year for a number of years, my family receive calendars which feature photos taken during the year.  They seem to enjoy them, or say they do, and it is another way for me to show case my craft.  The slide show which runs on my home page contains photos which were used in the calendars for 2014.  Take a moment and watch.   Some were taken around home and others were from one of my trips! The most difficult feature of creating these calendars was choosing which shots to use.   It is a good way of revisiting the photos of taken during the year.  Hope you enjoy them!IMG_0735Taken from Gabriola Island, BC

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2014 A New Year

Although the month is almost over — Happy New Year.  Up to now it has been quite a challenging month.  Cold, snow and wind.  As I write this we are experiencing wind gusting up to 80km.  Not a day for a kite!  However, if you can find a spot out of the wind, it isn’t to bad a day.  Our horses have done that and I was able to take a few shots of them enjoying the day.  Later we fed them in the same spot.  You can see the snow blowing in some of the photos and the seem to be ever-present these day – the Sun Dogs!!!!!

I’m hoping to be posting more photos this year.  In 2013 I was at a kite festival; went to the Big Muddy in Southwest Saskatchewan; took a road trip thru the US to Seattle and up the west coast then home.  Plus interesting things that caught my attention around home.  So, check back often.

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