Exploring the World – One Image at a Time


PWP week of Jan 20 – Jan 28 23

January is flying by. 4th week — 4th posting. Hope you are enjoying them. Up and down week here. Nice weather than we were hit with a blizzard for a few hours one morning. It was over before I got out with the camera. This week is another week of variety. Dogs, Plush friends, still life, more frost and sky shots. Pips makes a friend and Megs gains a protector. Oh and a pretty bird. My bird expert tells me it is a Starling. We have two of them at the feeders. And now this weeks installment. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery.

PWP week of Jan 15 – 21 23

Mother Nature provided another week of beautiful frost. I wasn’t going to take more photos but …. like crocuses you can never has too many. I had a model for a few of the shots. She loves the winter weather. I also caught a furry white rabbit that had escaped from the toy box. She and I had fun and the pups joined in for awhile. Speaking of pups, there is a new pup in the kennel. Meet Pips. I’m sure you will be seeing more of her. One morning the the sun rise was spectacular and I had my camera handy. It was posted on my Facebook page and received many likes. There are other images that I capture during the week. All without leaving the farm. Hope you enjoy all. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery. Comments are always welcome.

PWP week of Jan 8 – Jan 15 23

Off to a good start. Weather here for January has been exceptional. Above normal temperature and little snow. It was another week of foggy which equals beautiful hoar frost. This week we have a variety of shots. A bit of frost. Some of Saskatchewan’t beautiful skies. We did a bit of clean up burning so I was able to get some shots of the fire. A few shots from a trip to the city. Not sure what the men were creating in the park but there is a “Frost” festival coming up so I’m quessing it pertains to that. A pair of gloves didn’t make it home. A horse in a store!The Chinese restaurant we visted still had their Christmas tree up. Off course the Pups show up in this weeks lineup. Looking forward to collecting next weeks shots. 50 weeks to go. Can I make it? Enjoy this collection. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery.

PWP Week of Jan 1 – Jan 7 23

This week was a good week for photos. Mother Nature was very coopertive. We had a number of days of frost. I thought she’d forgotten us as other place were decorated with it but not us. I was out when it was dark and took a few with the flash. Just something different. We went on a road trip and the porcupine was in the ditch along the was I put one on Facebook and it has been well like. Hope you enjoy them. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery.

My Instagrm accounts have been getting attention also.

Til next week.


Calendar for 2023

For many years now, almost to many to count, I’ve create calendars from the years photos. Sometimes as gifts and always one for our wall at home. This year I’m sharing the one that is now hanging on our wall. These are in random order, not by month.

A special welcome

Josie and Chase waiting at the door to welcome the New Year.


You’ve done all the right things. Practiced practiced and more practice. The day of the competition arrives and the Universe is not working on your side. Disheartening yes but remember you’ve done your best. There will another day and all will be right with the Universe. Other days, other races and other winning runs.

Crocuses 2022

For 20+ years I’ve hunted crocuses just south of where I live. Thru the years I’ve had different 4 legged companions. This year I had a new companion. Chase accompanied me on my journery. My heart ached for the ones that were there but only in memory. Life goes on. Another change is I decided to take artistic shots. I carried my lensbaby lens with various optics. I hope you enjoy the images I was able to create. Click on the image and it will enlarge, then arrow thru the gallerymusing on the arrows on either side.


As Easter is time to be thankful and rejoice. I am thankful for the dogs that shared their lives with me. Thankful for the willing models they were for this photographer. Some were just naturals and the others learned how to behave when the camera travelled with us and that was most of the time on our walks. Now I have two new ones (15 months old) and they are coming along nicely. The handsome fellow posing for the Easter card is Tux. He came to us as a 3 or 4 year old rescue. He fit into life with the photographer as if he’d been special requested. As with ALL my models and friends, he is truly missed.

Mother said

Always remember

There is light at the end of the tunnel! Travelling thru one of the many tunnels in the Canadian Rockies. Four girls on an adventure. Was fantastic.