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Team Roping website

I created a new website for the Saskatchewan Team Roping Association. The website is call Team Roping Saskatchewan. This is the URL https://teamropingsaskatchewan.ca/ If you do a search for Team Roping Saskatchewan, Google can’t find it. Hopefully the problem with be resovled soon.


Brand new

Where I live, Saskatchewan, we have been having wonderful mild weather. For this time of year. Last week we had a good old fashion storm. Haven’t seen one like this for a long time. High winds, blowing snow, power outages. When morning came it was a brand new world, covered in snow, creating a winter wonderland. Mild tempetures still holding enabling The Boy and I to get out and explore. Here is some of what we saw.

Winter Painter

In winter in my area, you never know what awaits you when you awake. Sky could be blue weather and cold. Visibility could be zero due to blowing snow when you look out. One morning, was clear and when I looked at the vehicles, I saw to my delight that Jack Frost the painter had visited. Each window had different etchings. Some reminded my of fine crystal. I’m sharing a few of the designs that I was able to photograph. Enjoy.

New Instagram account

I’ve started a new Instagram account. The user name is ThruWilmsLens. It will be a variety of shots taken whenever. I hope you follow and like what I post. It’s going to be fun. You can also find it by typing in my name — Wilma Olmsted.

Here are two shots I’ve started the account off with.


September Road Trip

On the way to the destination, we stopped at a small town. On the main road into the town, they had wonderful decorated cutouts mounted on the trees. It was a very happy welcoming. A lot of old rural towns have rusted vehicles parked in abandoned lots. This town was no exception. The only wildlife- life at, that we saw were the butterfly and the ducks. Come with me as we travel down the main street. The shot of the trees is intentionally blurred. It’s called DCM -Deliberate Camera Movement. I love it and it takes a bit of practice. You will be seeing more of it in my posts.

Hidden Gem

I went on a road trip with a fellow photographer. We were driving along a well traveled secondary road and she said there is a little church just ahead. When I looked all I could see was trees and then I saw a gate and a church behind it. I wonder how many people drive by and don’t even realize there is a church there. Here is Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

PWP Week of August 30 2020

For the last week of August, I have a variety of shots to share.  Rodeo, the Eiffel tower, (no we didn’t go to France), creativity and a beautiful cross.  Some of the shots were taken with my fish-eye lens. I will be posting more of the rodeo shots to the Western Images page. The Assistant the trial camera caught some good shots of our wildlife.  And there is a bit of creativity.  This post will be the last of the PWP Weekly posts.  If I come across something of photo worthy I will share. Thank you for visiting each week and for your comments.  Check back often as there will be new images added to the pages in the Gallery.  The Boy and I have truly enjoyed sharing our world with you.


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I’ve been asked for examples of working a  background.  Here is a shot I took and cleaned up for a young steer rider.  He won with this ride and wanted a memory of the ride.



IMG_4579 draft finish

I do custom work.  If you having a photo you wish to have cleaned up, contact me at




PWP Week of August 23 2020

We’ve just had the last week of August and some mornings are giving us as taste of what is to come.  Something different this week.  I was to the city and stopped by a school playground.  It was nice to see the yellow tape removed from the play structures and children playing and having fun.  Soon they will be back in school.  As I was leaving the city I saw a building will a beautiful mural painted on all sides.  As I was stopped at a red light, I was only able to get one side.  Will try for the other sides another trip.  The Boy and I go on walking tours in a local cemetery to see who has moved in.  In the tree are these wonderful birdhouses.  I don’t know who built them, however the paint jobs are very creative.  While wondering we came upon this huge knife.  Not sure how or why! And didn`t touch it.  I a bit further over as a dead crow.  If I were a writer oh what a story I could write.  This week I watched a number of photography web courses, I did a bit of practicing and have posted my work.

Til next week


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Steer Riding

Rodeos have been happening now.  It’s been a long dry spell. I’ve attending some and plan on taking more in. High school rodeos are on the calendar also.  Interest has been shown in the photos I take at these events so I am going to break my collection down by event and post here.  They are also posted on the Western Images page.  Print or file copies of any of these images are available.  At times background is beyond my control.  If you are interest in a images that is cluttered, I will do my best to clean it up.  Contact me at


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