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I’ve been asked for examples of working a  background.  Here is a shot I took and cleaned up for a young steer rider.  He won with this ride and wanted a memory of the ride.



IMG_4579 draft finish

I do custom work.  If you having a photo you wish to have cleaned up, contact me at




PWP Week of August 23 2020

We’ve just had the last week of August and some mornings are giving us as taste of what is to come.  Something different this week.  I was to the city and stopped by a school playground.  It was nice to see the yellow tape removed from the play structures and children playing and having fun.  Soon they will be back in school.  As I was leaving the city I saw a building will a beautiful mural painted on all sides.  As I was stopped at a red light, I was only able to get one side.  Will try for the other sides another trip.  The Boy and I go on walking tours in a local cemetery to see who has moved in.  In the tree are these wonderful birdhouses.  I don’t know who built them, however the paint jobs are very creative.  While wondering we came upon this huge knife.  Not sure how or why! And didn`t touch it.  I a bit further over as a dead crow.  If I were a writer oh what a story I could write.  This week I watched a number of photography web courses, I did a bit of practicing and have posted my work.

Til next week


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Steer Riding

Rodeos have been happening now.  It’s been a long dry spell. I’ve attending some and plan on taking more in. High school rodeos are on the calendar also.  Interest has been shown in the photos I take at these events so I am going to break my collection down by event and post here.  They are also posted on the Western Images page.  Print or file copies of any of these images are available.  At times background is beyond my control.  If you are interest in a images that is cluttered, I will do my best to clean it up.  Contact me at


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PWP Week of August 16 2020

We find ourselves only at the midpoint of August and already there are signs of fall.  The golden rod has been blossoming for a few weeks.  Rose hips are forming on the bushes. And the crops are ripening more each day.  I like fall but not so much what follows.  I went to a town close to where I live and found large statues carved from wood.  I think if I remember correctly they were made using a chain saw.  On the same trip I found two more plush animals to add to my collection.  One of these days I will have to make a page for all in my collection.  I found a wonderful stone church.  All the work to place each stone.   Have you ever found images blended in with the stones?  If you look careful you can see the image of an old style ladies shoe. I’ve included a few more rodeo shots just to round this week’s contribution out.  Hope you enjoy contribution. Follow me Instagram account – Wilma Olmsted for more Western Images.     Til next week.


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PWP Week of August 9 2020

This week was a quite one.  Didn’t venture far from home until Saturday. My assistant the trail camera did an awesome job capturing deer and a fox.  On Saturday I went to the Kahkewistahaw Open rodeo.  Spent a wonderful afternoon.  I’ve posted some of the action here.  More will be posted on the Western Images page.  Check there for a complete collection.  Coming home I was fortune enough to come upon a two families of mule deer.  A buck was travelling with the one group.  Then a bit further up I came across a mother raccoon and a young one.  The young one disappeared into the crop fast but Mom was curious.  I hope you enjoy this week’s collection.  No flowers or pets!!  Till next week.

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PWP Week of August 2, 2020

First week of August was a good week.  Our dahlias are blooming nicely.  They are such a wonderful flower to photograph.  I planted some mixed flower seeds and they are coming nicely also.  Anything is game around my house.  We have a raccoon with no tail (has been named Stubby) visiting the paddock across the road where Tansy lives during the day. He discovered the tub where her water is.  Sometimes there is water left in.  I’m not sure if the fox approves or not. We saw the doe and her fawn, which is really growing, one morning.  A new saddle was tried out on Jazz.  We both decided it looked good on her.  If you have read C.S.Lewis books you will recognize Aslan.  He was built in memory of a brave little boy that passed away.   I found some creative art work on a wall in a small town.  Sometimes the small towns have some very creative art work.  Yesterday I went to a rodeo.  Had a wonderful day.  Visited with friends.  Shot some great photos. The Western Images page will have new content and I have lots to do.  Hope you enjoy this week’s contribution.  The Flowers page had some new additions.


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Western Images Page

It’s done.  I created a Western Images page.  To this page I will add photos from rodeos, barrel racing and other photos that reflect the name of the page.  When photos are added I will post here and say what event they were taken at.  The photos just added were taken at the Top Line Rodeo, held July 18 & 19 2020 at Clearview Arena.  This was the first rodeo in the Qu’Appelle Valley Open Rodeo Series 2020.  I hope you enjoy this new page. You can find it listed under Gallery.  Comment s are welcome.



PWP Week of July 26 2020

Happy August 1.  Happy long weekend to my Canadian friends.  And a good friend is celebrating a birthday.  Birthday wishes coming your way.

This week’s collection is mixture of images.  There was no travelling, spent some time in Studio 13.  Practicing with my Lensbaby Composer.  Our flowers are starting to bloom so I have lots to practice on.   I’ve included a few barrel racing and rodeo ones taken the weekend of July 18.  The one of the steer wrestle did quite well on Instagram. My assistant the Trail Camera caught an encounter between the resident fox and our visiting raccoon.

I’m thinking of creating a “Western Images” page of rodeo, barrel racing, western accessories and horses.  And a “Treasures and Keepsake” page.  I’ve included a few of these shots in this week’s collection.

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