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PWP Week of August 23 2020

We’ve just had the last week of August and some mornings are giving us as taste of what is to come.  Something different this week.  I was to the city and stopped by a school playground.  It was nice to see the yellow tape removed from the play structures and children playing and having fun.  Soon they will be back in school.  As I was leaving the city I saw a building will a beautiful mural painted on all sides.  As I was stopped at a red light, I was only able to get one side.  Will try for the other sides another trip.  The Boy and I go on walking tours in a local cemetery to see who has moved in.  In the tree are these wonderful birdhouses.  I don’t know who built them, however the paint jobs are very creative.  While wondering we came upon this huge knife.  Not sure how or why! And didn`t touch it.  I a bit further over as a dead crow.  If I were a writer oh what a story I could write.  This week I watched a number of photography web courses, I did a bit of practicing and have posted my work.

Til next week


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