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PWP week of Mar 5 – Mar 11 23

The end of this week we had a good old blizzard. Was pretty intense for a while. The pups and I ventured out when there was a a bit of a break and visited the horses. Jazz’s ears where outlined in white. Up until yesterday the deer in our area were finding it difficult to get down to the grass due to the hardened snow. Now there is more snow to contended with on the hardened surface. One evening we had a herd of mule deer come to the yard. They migrated to the area we feed the horses. And more wildlife came to the yard this week. There seems to be an abundance of prairie chicken this year. Later in the day the flock I took pictures of went right through the yard. I never know what my camera with catch on any given day.  For those of you who follow my posts, I try and have the content posted by 9:00 (CST) Sunday AM. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery. Enjoy!

2 responses

  1. Great post! The blizzard sounds intense, but it’s nice to hear that you were able to venture out with the pups and visit the horses. I’m curious, have you noticed any changes in the wildlife behavior due to the storm and increased snow?

    Mr Waxixe


    March 12, 2023 at 7:32 am

    • HI Glad you liked the post. They are fun to do. We don’t have much wild life around due to the dogs. The 6 acres they run on is their domain and not much enters it.. The deer are having rough time with the snow. I saw the herd once since the post. One thing I have noticed is there is a lot of prairie chicken around this year.

      March 19, 2023 at 7:39 am

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