Exploring the World – One Image at a Time

PWP week of Mar 12 – Mar 18 23

It was a good week once we got dug out AGAIN. Hopefully not to many storms will roll thru. Living in Saskatchewan one can’t help being amazed by the skies we have. And they change so fast. I see unique cloud formations while out doing chores and by the time I get out with the camera they are gone. We have a squirrel hanging around again. I will try and get more pics of him. Took a road trip to Fort Qu’Appelle Saturday. Chase needed a new harness for the car and the pet store there is great. Along Bay Ave there are beautiful statutes carved from wood. All done with a chainsaw. Here is a link about the creator https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/carving-art-artwork-fort-qu-appelle-pandemic-1.5652077 The bird houses were along the way. The shots of the white tailed deer are from the trip to the valley also. Like the sky shots, there will always photos of dogs! I wanted a picture of an old window frame for a project the pigeon was a plus Enjoy
For those of you who follow my posts, I try and have the content posted by 9:00 (CST) Sunday AM. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery.

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