Exploring the World – One Image at a Time

PWP week of Feb 26 – Mar 4 23

Already into March. This week went by fast. I’m still trying to get good shots of the moon. Had better luck this week. A special guest dropped by the ranch this week. MK from the Meerkat Colony stopped in to see us. He visited the horses. Received a kiss from Katie. The horses weren’t sure what to make of him. He and Chase had a talk, probably about what is see while he was here. He covered a lot of ground while he was here. He is a bit of a cheeky fellow. One morning we had crystal frost which is always fun to capture.  For those of you who follow my posts, I try and have the content posted by 9:00 (CST) Sunday AM. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery. Hope you enjoy this weeks shots.

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