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Raptors – At the zoo and at home

The Calgary Zoo has an area fenced,  top and sides and inside are “Raptors” – hawks and owls, the day I visited.  You can walk thru and these birds are flying around, sitting in the trees and on the ground.  It is quite a rush to have a Great Grey Owl, with a wing span of 56-60 inches fly over you.  The day I walked thru, a little black squirrel had somehow gotten into the enclosure and he was seen by on of these owls.  I didn’t wait around to see the end of the story.  I’m hoping the squirrel somehow evaded the owl and lived to see another day.

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Then…………  Yesterday was a nice day -18 with sunshine.  As I left to go to town in the morning I saw a Great Horned Owl in the trees by the house.  Back for the camera and took a few shots.  Later in the afternoon, as I was doing chores, he was  in the trees in the yard.  He flew to four different areas and I was able to get shots of him in each.

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Here are links for more information about both owls.




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