Exploring the World – One Image at a Time

PWP week of Feb 12 – Feb 18 23

The weeks are flying by. Soon we will be March and soon Spring will be here. We had a little white visitor this week. A weasel has moved in. We haven’t seen many mice this winter and he is probably the reason. Chase seems to be able to tell when he is out and about. The weather has been unsettle this week, providing some awesome skies. Only February and we have some pretty huge snow banks. You’d think with all that snow it would be a lot of runoff but the experts say it will be a normal one for our region. Once again we have shots of the pups. They see a camera and seem to think they are the models. Which they usually are. I may gave caught a shot of a UFO. Enjoy. Click on the image to enlarge then on the right arrow to move thru the collection.

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