Exploring the World – One Image at a Time

PWP week of Apr 16 – Apr 22 23

We have another good old storm the end of this week but no pictures will be posted. That season is over. I did get some shots of the spring run off before the storm. Josie loves the water. I did get a shot of angel wings and wonder if they belonged to my Guardian Angel. The one I keep pretty busy! And the same evening a jet flew over. I always wonder where they are off to when they pass over. This week you meet Scruffy. He is a mixed terrier breed. He had just escaped from the toy box and we stopped at the Conservatory. The Conservatory is always a great time. Having a new friend along made it extra special. Hope you enjoy this weeks offering. For those of you who follow my posts, I try and have the content posted by 9:00 (CST) Sunday AM. Click on the image and then right click to move thru the gallery.

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